2010 heralded the arrival of Nostics’ unique sound on the Australian music scene, born from a desire of guitarist Apache to create hard organic sounds with provocative lyrical content. Lead guitarist Pilot was summoned and the ground themes were recorded.

Now the search was on for the singer that would interpret the raw instrumentals and compliment them with a lyrical and melodic soundscape. A chance meeting on a Melbourne music video shoot between Apache and lead singer Chase, and a merging of ideas ultimately let to a creative musical collaboration.

Drummer, Fox (of Lady Strangelove) and Bassist, El Pat (of Ice On Mercury) were invited as guest artists in prerecording sessions in an atmospheric 1800’s mansion on the coast of South Australia. What began as a musical experiment turned into an all-out intensive writing and recording session over 10 days, breathing life into 10 tracks which evolved into the base for Nostics’ debut LP “Awaken”.

2011 has seen the current band lineup coming together: Chase (lead vocals), Apache (guitar), Pilot (lead guitar), Sandro (drums), and Elpat (bass). A creative medley of five individuals born in five different countries now sees the Nostics lineup completed. This year also brought massive pre recording and travel interstate to bring all the guys together to fine tune the music before hitting the studio. That time eventually came and they spent just over 5 weeks straight at Studio 52 in Melbourne recording the 14 tracks that have become “Awaken”.

2012 launches their debut LP after much anticipation and with tracks already sourced for various media, ripples have caused disturbance in the water!

This is just the beginning for Nostics, their debut video, Creature, by cinematographer Nima Nabilirad is out in December 2011, with Creature the single available now through Bandcamp and iTunes.

The bands gig schedule has amped up and they are headlining numerous nights and events on the local circuit with word spreading and interest coming from interstate and internationally. The guys are already back in the studio working on some epic new tracks with a serious resonance of some of the legends, yet permeating a unique palette – Stay tuned! Momentum has taken hold, we invite you to open your mind and your ears, kick back and be swept up with the Nostics ride.